Cleaning Acrylic Bathtubs

Cleaning Acrylic Bathtubs The Right Way

Cleaning an acrylic tub properly will ensure that you don't scratch it. Here are some great tips for your house cleaning business and caring for acrylic tubs.

Although acrylic tubs look great and are made to last, they also need to be cleaned and maintained in the right way. 

If your customer has this type of bathtub, chances are he or she enjoys a relaxing place to soak. Taking a long, hot bubble bath is a great way to relax after a hard day at the office so giving your client a clean tub is important.

Our first piece of advice on cleaning acrylic tubs is to choose a soft scrubbing gel or cream. The goal here is to go with products that are non-abrasive. After all, using regular scrubbing products can scratch the acrylic so they should be avoided. All you need is a moist, soft cloth (baby diapers are great) and the soft scrubbing product.
All you need to do is gently scrub the bathtub by moving the cloth incircular motions to remove stubborn stains.

For areas with scratches, use a metal based cleaner and a moistened, soft cloth. Typically, you would not need to use much pressure so gently go over the scratched area and the scratches will disappear.

After cleaning, rinse the tub and to return the beautiful shine, buff the cleaned area with a dry soft cloth. In minutes, your client’s tub will look brand new.

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Since acrylic baths' color goes all the way through the material (it's not just painted on the surface) you can buff out scratches if they're not deep and if you're careful. Some acrylic surrounds and tubs are very thin (the cheaper ones especially) -- so be very careful and don't create a hole where a little scratch used to be!

Be sure to practice this method on a scrap piece of acrylic first -- never test new methods on your client's things!

We also want to provide an interesting tip on cleaning acrylic bathtubs that most people have never heard. For this, squirt liquid dishwasher soap inside the tub. If necessary, use a cloth to cover the entire inside surface. Allow the soap to sit for about 15 minutes, followed by gently wiping the interior and rinsing. Business owners such as you love this cleaning method because there is very little scrubbing involved. Instead, the soap does the majority of the work. Let it sit, wipe, then rinse.

Our final tip on how to clean an acrylic bathtub is with good, old-fashioned ammonia. Because ammonia is so strong smelling, we recommend you open a window, run a fan, or wear a protective face mask. Then, fill a spray bottle with the ammonia and spray the inside of the tub. If there are badly stained areas, make sure the area is sprayed heavily. Allow the ammonia to sit for about five minutes and then rinse. If you want to remove any lingering odor, you can go over the bathtub with a soft scrub product and rinse again.

Often you only have to use this method the first time you clean a tub if it's really dirty. If this is a regular client of yours you'll be back for regular cleaning you won't have to use deep cleaning methods.

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