Cleaning Venetian Blinds

Cleaning venetian blinds can be tedious but very rewarding. It's one of those house cleaning services you can offer periodically, or as an upsell to your weekly services.

Venetian blinds are beautiful, useful, and add flair to a home. Unfortunately, they are also notorious for collecting dust. If your client's home has venetian blinds, they will need to be cleaned regularly. Not only does this improve their appearance, it help prevent dust from collecting on other surfaces.

There are several ways that venetian blinds can be cleaned. Before beginning, remove as much dust as possible with a dry cloth or feather duster. If the blinds need deep cleaning, you have several options.

NOTE: Before considering any of the following methods make sure the blinds are sturdy enough to handle the cleaning method!

Rinse the blinds in the shower. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to quickly clean blinds. If the shower has a removable head or spray hose, you can simply lay the blinds in the bathtub, and use the nozzle at high pressure, keeping the hose close to the surface of the blinds. Be sure to spray each slat for even cleaning.

If there is no extending head or spray hose, fill the tub with hot water and a cleaning solution, and allow the blinds to soak for a while before rinsing them. For heavily soiled blinds, you may need to run a damp rag over the slats. Watch the strings that hold the blinds together! If they are at all worn or frayed, this is not the cleaning method to use.

Wipe the blinds down with a damp rag. This is the most time-consuming way to clean venetian blinds, but the most effective if there is significant buildup.

Fill a bowl, bucket, or other easily transportable container with a mixture of hot water and general purpose cleaner. Wet a soft, clean, lint-free cloth in your cleaning solution, and wring out the excess water. Take the damp rag and wipe each slat individually. Work from top to bottom, and left to right.

When you've finished with one side, flip the blinds upward and repeat the process. Make sure that you wring as much excess water from the rag as possible. If too much water is in your cloth, dirty water will run down the blinds.

Use specialized cleaning products. Products are available that are made specifically for cleaning venetian blinds. These can be pricey, but are an excellent business investment if you will be cleaning venetian blinds often, as they save time and effort.

For maintenance between deep cleanings, a gentle brushing with a feather duster will do the trick. Close the blinds completely, with slats facing downward, and swipe over the blinds, working from top to bottom and left to right. Flip the blinds, and repeat the process.

When cleaning venetian blinds, you'll often notice long before your client if the blinds need to be replaced or repaired. Make sure you communicate with your client about the condition of the blinds, make recommendations where you can, and remember to use all opportunities to do more cleaning for your clients!

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