House Cleaning Price List

Your House Cleaning Price List - How to Set Your Prices and Market Your Business for Maximum Profits

There is a purpose for having a house cleaning price list even more important than for telling your clients your prices of house cleaning services you offer.

You are offering a service, and you want your clients and prospects to know what services you offer. Your price list is also an important marketing piece for your business.

As we mentioned before, never price your services cheapest in your area. You don't want your business to have the reputation as "cheap". It's best if your business is seen as the best, or top of the line, or premium cleaning services.

Thinking of your price list more like a menu will help you grow your business. So if someone hires you to do simple cleaning around the house -- kitchens, bathrooms, floors, vacuuming -- you can also share with them that you can tackle mildew, clean windows, clear out dryer vents, and a lot more.

Set your business up as a menu-driven service, where people can enter at any price point and then grow in how they hire you.

In addition to the specific items on your price list, you'll also need to list what you charge.

While prices vary from region to region, you can set your prices in the following ways...

First, you can learn what others are charging. Remember, don't set your house cleaning prices as the lowest in the area. Shoot for the middle to high range.

Second, base your per-job prices on an hourly rate. While you won't necessarily want to charge by the hour, having an hourly rate in mind will help you set prices.

Finally, you should know the numbers of your business. While this may not be simple to set at first, you'll learn your numbers over time. Some things to keep track of include the cost of all of your cleaning materials, your marketing and advertising costs, and travel expenses to jobs.

There are more details to track than these, which we teach in our business building course. If you know your business numbers you'll know the cost of doing business, and therefore you'll also know the most efficient ways to run it and get the most profits.

What services do you offer? Want a list you can build your business around? How on earth do you know what to charge? Do you need a contract? How often do you bill your clients? How do you track the numbers of your business?

All of these questions plus tips on how to set your house cleaning price list and menu of complete services you can offer is available as part of our online business building course. Contact us to purchase your copy today.

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