How to Clean an Oven with an Orange and Other Methods

How to clean an oven naturally, with a home made orange cleaner. Cleaning an oven doesn't have to be a painful experience. Here are methods for your house cleaning business that save you and your clients from caustic chemicals.

Here's how to make an excellent orange oven cleaner with an orange and other simple ingredients. The ingredients are...

  • 1/4 cup of white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 cup of dried orange peel
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • one whole orange, cut into slices

Materials needed to clean an oven are a scrubber made of steel wool (steel wool is not for use with all conventional ovens -- please be sure to read this entire article) and a damp cloth.

Fill a baking tray with water and add the slices of orange, heat the oven to about 300 degrees Farenheit.

Leave the tray with the water and orange in the oven for about ten minutes. The steam of the water and the orange combined will spread throughout the oven. While this process is going on, make a paste with the other ingredients.

Mix the baking soda, dried orange peel, salt and vinegar until it makes a paste. The oven should now be allowed to cool down, and then using a steel wool scrubber spread the paste on the inside walls of the oven. Scrub the areas that have baked on food splatters. Leave the paste on the oven walls about fifteen minutes. Then wiped the inside of the oven cleanwith water and a damp cloth.

If you find rust inside the oven you can spray on cooking spray or wipe on some cooking oil on the rust spot. CAUTION: If it's an old oven with a pilot light, do not use spray product inside the oven. Then buff the oiled area.

How to Clean an Oven -- The Self-Cleaning Oven (Not Really)...

Before using any other cleaners it would be wise to know what type of oven it is.

How to clean an oven that is self-cleaning is the simplest oven to clean. The oven will do most of the work -- but there is still work to do.

First thing to do is run the self cleaning cycle; this will usually leave any mess in a powdery ash at the bottom of the oven. Simply wipe clean.

If possible, keep windows open when using the cycle. There will be smoke during the cleaning cycle. Keeping windows open, running the cooking fan or a room fan will keep smoke from settling in the room, or spreading to other parts of the house. Use a mild kitchen cleaning product cleaner (such as an orange-based cleaner, which will smell good) to wash down the outside of the oven and oven door. This will remove any residue and grease on the outside surface.

Do not scrub the seal around the oven door. It's made of rubber or some composite material that won't withstand scrubbing. The gasket can be cleaned with dish soap or a mild detergent and paper towels or a soft cloth, then rinsed with clean water.

How to Clean an Oven -- Textured Ovens

Textured ovens, a type of finish inside a conventional oven, are also known as continuous cleaning ovens. The special surface made of porcelain is supposed to allow food spilled inside the oven to burn off gradually while it is being used.

To clean textured ovens simply wipe the porcelain coating on the inside of the oven with damp paper towels or sponge when the oven is cool will remove any soil. If food is stuck to the porcelain, don't use oven cleaner. Instead, use water to loosen the cooked-on spill, and work it off by hand.

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