How to Clean Lamp Shades

Here's how to clean lamp shades - which is a great seasonal service to offer in your house cleaning business.

Chances are your clients have some beautiful lamp shades but as anything else in the house, they do become dirty.

Of course, depending on the material, simply wiping down with a damp cloth could ruin them so we want to show you how to clean lamp shades the right way.

The goal is to have shades that look beautiful. In some cases, even older shades that have stains can be cleaned so they look brand new.

We are confident that after reading the information on how to clean lamp shades, you will leave every customer 100% satisfied, not to mention saving them the expense of buying new shades.

If your client has several lamps with shades that need cleaning, we suggest you remove them all. With the tips we offer on keeping lamp shades clean, the process should actually be quick and easy while providing outstanding results so you're not spending all your time on one task. You need to put all of the shades on a sheet in one area or room. As you set each shade down, keep all the fabric shades together, the glass shades together, and so on. And be sure to keep the hardware with the shade too!

The next tip on cleaning lamp shades is before you do anything, look on the inside to see if the manufacturer provided a label on which there is cleaning information. This will help you choose the best cleaning processes and products for the job. You will then use a soft brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to remove the surface dirt. Next, get the appropriate cleaners together, along with clean, soft clothes. For this, our tip on cleaning lamp shades is not use clothes that can leave lint behind or you will find yourself with another mess.

With everything needed for the cleaning job lined up, you will then use a bucket with the right mixture of water and cleaning product according to the instructions. Completely get your cloth wet but wring out any excess water and cleaning product. Another tip on how to clean lamp shades is that if you find a certain product has left streaking behind, you should be able to use another clean, moist cloth to wipe off the residue.

Here is one important tip for cleaning shades made of fabric. It is imperative that when wiping down the shade, you always move in the same direction and with gentle motions. This way, you will not accidentally cause creasing, wrinkles, dents, or holes.

After cleaning the shades, you will still use a second clean and moist cloth to finish the job.If the lamp shade is made of glass or plastic, all you need is quality window cleaner and a clean, soft cloth.

To avoid smudges and streaks, we suggest you choose a product containing vinegar, which works amazingly well.

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