How To Clean Oven Racks

How to Clean Oven Racks

You may end up doing more than one oven in a day. If you know how to clean oven racks safely, you'll be able to breathe and you won't burn your lungs, skin and eyes. Cleaning oven racks safely -- a house cleaning services basic item!

The number of people who want information on how to clean an oven rack is enormous. We all know about spray on products that smell horrible, burn the skin, and still leave the racks with crusted on food, which is why so many people want other solutions that work.

No one enjoys cleaning the oven but for anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen a clean oven is important for a number of reasons. Not only does a clean oven eliminate smoke, it also stops food smells and flavors from contaminating new dishes, and it can reduce the risk of fire.

We want to show you how to clean oven racks so you are not spending a ton of time doing the one thing you probably dislike most. This is not a fun job but with the right information, it no longer has to be your worst nightmare. The following are some great tips on cleaning oven racks that will give you the clean oven you want but without all the hard work.

Oven Cleaner When it comes to how to clean oven racks, everyone knows about oven cleaner but our tip is an easier and less messy way. Instead of spraying the cleaner in the oven and smelling up the house, take the racks outside. Place plastic garbage bags down and then cover them with newspaper. Now, set the oven racks down on top and spray them with a thick coat of oven cleaner. Allow the cleaner to work a few minutes longer than recommended and once the caked on food and grime dissolves, simply use the garden hose to rinse. Let the racks to air dry or use a clean cloth to dry them.

Degreasing Dish Soap Here's another great method for cleaning oven racks that works great. Place an old towel or sheet in the bathtub, placing the racks on top. Fill the bathtub with enough hot water to cover the racks. As the water runs, add about one-quarter cup of heavy-duty degreasing dish soap and allow the racks to soak for about one hour. This will help remove the grease and for the baked on food, scrub with an SOS pad. This requires a little bit of elbow-grease but you will be surprised at how quickly the racks come clean. If the racks are extremely dirty, you can simply leave them soaking overnight. (If that's all right with your client!)

Ammonia Many people researching how to clean oven racks have found that ammonia is a great option. The reason is that ammonia helps by dissolving any grease and fat. Interestingly, the fat actually dissolves and turns into a low quality type of soap, which is then easily scrubbed off with a wire brush or SOS pad. For the best results, we suggest you purchase commercial grade ammonia at your local home improvement or hardware store, which works much more effectively. To avoid being around the strong smell, you can place the racks in a thick plastic garbage bag, add ammonia, and close. Just make sure you set this outside during the soaking phase or the entire house will reek.

Dremel This small, hand-held rotary tool should always be a last resort in salvaging before suggesting that your client buy new racks -- but if you have looked over the different options on how to clean oven racks and you were able to get most of the baked on food cleaned but still have a couple of stubborn spots, a Dremel with a spinning wire brush works. Of course, a Dremel would not work on coated or aluminum racks but use this method for those made of uncoated steel. Simply attach the small wire brush attachment and go to work. Be sure you wear eye protection and keep children away.

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