How To Clean Silk Flowers

How to Clean Silk Flowers the Correct Way

Your clients may have silk flower arrangements and silk plants around the home. They can be quite beautiful. But if grease and dust and spiderwebs make them look shabby, you can do your house cleaning magic on them to make them look fresh again! Result...happy house cleaning business clients!

There are many different methods on how to clean flowers. Some of these methods include gently dusting with a feather duster; blow the dust off with a hand held hair dryer or trying to vacuum the dirt off.

These methods may be effective if there is very little dust on the silk flowers. Some dust could be removed by using moist cotton swabs or a damp cloth.

All of these methods on how to clean silk flowers take a lot of time and require a lot of careful work and attention to detail.

How to clean silk flowers very effective but very costly. This method will restore the silk flowers to new condition in minutes. These sprays dissolve the dust on contact. They are very easy to use but the cost is very high.

Any silk flower arrangements will need to be dismantled to clean properly.

There are certain considerations and precautions that need to be taken when cleaning silk flowers. When using stronger cleaning methods some flowers arrangements may not stand up to them. The flowers that are going to be cleaned should be closely looked at. They're delicate! Always be careful.

Check to see what the leaves and blossoms are made of...
latex finished

These are just some of the materials you'll find. Sometimes the petals of silk flowers may be hand painted. Some silk flower stems are molded plastic or hand wrapped with floral tape.

Over time, the tape or glue holding the flower arrangements together may lose their stickiness. Dust, grease and sunlight may deteriorate the arrangements. When cleaning silk flower arrangements know what to look for so you don't get in over your head!

Be sure and check the underside of the petals also. See how they are attached to their support. They can be glued or attached with a thin wire. Are those parts attached to the main stem with tape, wire or snap on? It is important to know these details because of the chance of ruining fabrics or any other delicate parts.

When cleaning a whole silk flower arrangement it is wise to remove just a few stem at a time, clean them and return them to the arrangement. Repeat this step until the arrangement is totally cleaned. One real good way to clean silk flowers is by using a technique called "dry" clean.

This is done by shaking the silk flowers in a bag containing one half cup of cornmeal or salt.

This method can remove dust from most surfaces; Yes even the hard to reach places. The salt or cornmeal act as little scrubbers. After placing the item in the bag with the little scrubbers shake gently for a minute or two. Repeat this method until the desired effect is reached.

There is a method that can be used if removing the silk flowers is not an option. Try filling a spray bottle with a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water.

Only use this method if the flowers will withstand moisture. It is wise to test a small area of the silk flower for colorfastness. Spray and blot clean and dry.

The last method is the wet method and probably the best one to use. Fill a sink or basin with cool water and a squirt of dishwashing soap. Ivory is very good for this. Swish the silk flowers gently in the water. After cleaning they should be blotted dry and never rubbed dry.

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