How To Clean Wood Blinds

How to clean wood blinds, as well as cleaning faux wood blinds.

These simple techniques will make short work of a tedious job. And you won't damage the wood! A great seasonal house cleaning service you can offer.

Homeowners consider wood the first and favorite material when decorating their home. The feeling of warmth, peacefulness and comfort comes from wood. With all these reasons it is no wonder many homeowners choose wood blinds for their homes.

Wood blinds cost more than many other window treatments but their beauty is well worth it. Homeowners want their wood blinds cleaned properly for many many years of enjoyment.

Compared with other types of window coverings and curtains, cleaning wood blinds is relatively easy.

How to Clean Wood Blinds - Tip One

Dilute some wood polish or wood cleaner in some water. Use this solution on a towel or a clean white cleaning towel, wring out any excess moisture then wipe down each individual slat with the towel.

Yes it can be a very tiresome and laborious job when cleaning wood blinds. Give the blinds a thorough dusting first. This will get the excess dirt and dust off of the blinds. If you can take them down from their hanger it might be an easier job than if you have to stand on a ladder to reach the top slats and the valance.

How to Clean Wood Blinds - Tip Two

When using a damp cloth for cleaning, use a dry cloth to remove any moisture.

Drying the wood blind with a dry cloth will prevent any water seeping into the wood. Warping of the wood or discoloration in the wood may result if water seeps into the wood grain. To avoid any damage to the blinds it is best to always dry any water or other cleaner residue from the blinds.

Never use chemical solvents or abrasive cleaners on any wood blinds.

How to Clean Wood Blinds - Tip Three

This method is very effective and quite safe. Use a soft brush attached to the vacuum.

To efficiently clean the wood slats on the blinds, gently sweep the brush attachment across the slats. This is the ideal cleaning method for lightly accumulated dust.

You may not have to take down the blinds to use this method.

If the dust is already settled into the slats then the preceding methods for cleaning wood blinds should be used.

You can also clean faux wood (imitation wood) blinds using these methods.

Faux wood blinds cannot be damaged by water like real wood blinds. To get the entire slat clean on either faux or real wood blinds, just tilt the blinds at a 45 degree angle first one way and then the other way. This will allow all areas to be cleaned thoroughly.

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