5 Proven Marketing Ideas to Start Your House Cleaning Business
(Plus Bonuses!)

business that does no marketing does no business. You need good marketing ideas (and you need to do them!). You can't rely on the yellow pages, and you can't rely on a newspaper ad if you want to grow your house cleaning business.

Marketing is the planned system of actions you take to grow your business. If you take systematic action each day, your business will thrive.

The marketing ideas below are direct. They work. You're asking someone to do something. You're asking a prospect to schedule an appointment for you to clean, or to do an estimate for a bigger job (such as window cleaning, or a whole-house rug or carpet cleaning job) which you will then schedule and do.

Ads alone don't accomplish results.

Advertising is generally about "if I build it they will come". Sure, if you have a big enough budget, you can win with advertising. Big companies do this type of marketing all of the time.

But who has big piles of cash sitting around to spend on ads that might not work!? In this fast-paced world, we're lucky if people notice us at all! There has to be a formal invitation. And you have to ask at the right time, in the right way.

Invite people to hire you. Then, make them happy they did!

The ideas below WORK.

Use these 5 marketing ideas to get your house cleaning business off the ground and growing strong. Also, be sure to grab the third edition of the ebook "The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Cleaning Business" for more ideas and how you can work with me for even more powerful results.

1. Cold calling.
That's right, plain, old-fashioned cold calling. That means using a list of phone numbers that you purchase and dialing for dollars. You have to buy a list that targets the type of client you want to attract, and it has to be a list of people who agree to be called. In the US there is a Do Not Call Registry, and if you call people on that list you can get in hot water (including fines and jail time). The days of phone book dialing are over. Buy a good phone list from Hoovers.com and get on the phone. (Note: this method is for larger areas. It's not good for small town operations. But don't worry -- there are more tips here and in the book that work in any sized town).

2. Mailing postcards.
Again, starting with a good mailing list, send postcards to each house in a neighborhood you'd like to work in. You can use the phone book for this method.

You can also send postcards to businesses or business people who hire house cleaners. Some of these include real estate agents, mortgage bankers who handle foreclosed properties, office building managers, gyms and fitness centers...

Hint: make each postcard a coupon. People like to receive coupons, and sending a special offer helps encourage them to try you out!

3. Hanging door hangers and flyers.
This option requires a little shoe-leather, but if you have teenagers this is a fantastic job for them to help you with your business.

WarningThere are Federal laws about putting items in mailboxes that don't have stamps on them, so don't put your house cleaning flyers in mailboxes.

A flyer with a hole for a door handle works great on a door knob. You can also put flyers outside the mailbox and hold it in place with the flag on the outside of the box. If there isn't a flag, use a paperclip or a piece of tape. (Be careful with tape that it's not so strong that it will pull paint off the mail box, or whatever you tape the flyer to!)

Using a house cleaning flyer uses some of the same marketing ideas as the postcard. Make it a coupon, or a special offer, and encourage new business to come to you. Don't waste your printing space by just saying "Hi. I clean houses." A clear offer ("I'll clean your whole house for the price of just cleaning your first floor.") makes your phone ring.

4. Joint venture marketing.
Joint ventures ("JVs" for short) are an agreement between two people to share business. These agreements can be loose, informal associations. But the end result is always to have both sides of the deal helping each other and getting clear benefit.

For example, with jv marketing, all small businesses in your town are potential business partners. Strike up an agreement with the local hardware store so that customers who buy at that store get a 5% discount on a specific type of service with you. In exchange, your clients get some sort of a special deal at the hardware store.  Win-win-win!

How many kinds of joint venture agreements can you think of with businesses in your town?

5. Referral marketing.
Getting referrals can often bring you the best clients. If your current client refers a new client to you, that's probably another good client, just like the referring client.

To encourage your clients to do effective advertising for you, offer referral discounts on specific services for each referral.

Every client you have can do referral marketing. But you need to ask for the business. So for each job you do -- ask. If you're cleaning a house and your client isn't home, make it part of your exit note. As you're leaving, put a note on a counter or table that your client will see when they get home. The message can be short and sweet. Something like...

Doing at least one of these activities each day will bring you business. Doing all 5 of these marketing ideas will bring you more business than you can schedule!

Bonus Marketing Ideas

Bonus #1: Build a Website

One option is to use WordPress, which is very popular. It's not the simplest way to build a site, however. Click here to get some help building a site to market your cleaning business.

Bonus #2: Get the whole course!

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