Removing Tomato Stains

Tips for Removing Tomato Stains

A stain no matter how small, will appear on furniture and clothing, as well as carpets. Food spills can appear in strange places. If you can get these stains out, you're going to be in high demand!

Running a house cleaning business, you'll find lots of surprises. Here's how to get rid of some of those tomato surprises.

All types of stains exist that can be a real hassle to clean but one of the worst is tomato.

After you finish reading our tips for removing tomato sauce stains, you will no longer panic the next time your client brings you something with this particular stain.

The red, thick sauce seems to seep deep into layers of fabric in no time or it leaves behind a red stain that you think will never come out but we have good news.

This information for removing tomato sauce stains is easy and effective.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Have you ever noticed that whenever most people eat pizza, spaghetti, or some other dish made with tomato sauce, they are usually wearing white or light colored clothes? Inevitably, one bite misses the mouth and the clothing item now has tomato stains.

A great way for removing tomato sauce from white or light colored clothing or even tablecloths is by dabbing hydrogen peroxide with a cotton ball or clean, white cloth directly to the stain. Allow the peroxide to sit for about three minutes and then use a paper towel to blot up the excess liquid.

Always remember to test the fabric for color fastness if using hydrogen peroxide.

Mineral Spirits

Another tip for removing tomato sauce from fabric is with mineral spirits. This is an old remedy used for many different types of stains but proven quite successful for tomato sauce stains.

Again, use a clean cloth and dab the mineral spirits directly to the stain. If the tomato stains are bad, you may need to repeat the process several times. For extremely stubborn stains, we recommend you leave the mineral spirits on for 10 to 15 minutes, followed by dabbing the area with a dry cloth.


You will also find that removing tomato sauce is easy with WD40. Typically, this product is something used for fixing squeaks in doors, chairs, and so on. However, when sprayed onto the stain, it helps dissolve it.

Watch out! WD40 is oil. It can cause permanent stains as well.

After spraying the stain, use a moist cloth to soak up the WD40 and stains. Just be sure that you dab the fabric or rug from the outside in to avoid causing the stain to spread.

Do not use this method on fancy upholstered furniture or other absorbent materials! WD40 is greasy and has a strong odor -- like a machine shop.

Dish Soap and Ice

This might seem like a strange combination, but when it comes to removing tomato stains, using dish soap and ice works amazingly well. For this, apply a few drops of the soap, let it stand for about 10 minutes, and then rub the stain with ice. Follow this up by dabbing the spot to eliminate the moisture. After this, the item should be laundered according to the fabric’s instructions.

Mr. Muscle

Probably one of the strangest products used for removing tomato sauce is Mr. Muscle, which is actually a type of oven cleaner. Professional chefs swear by the results and state that fabrics do not bleed or fade. You may need to find the product online but this is an investment worth making for your cleaning product kit.

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